Environmental Health

We provide the following services:

* License and inspect: Food Service Establishments; Food Manufacturers; Mobile Food Carts; Public Accommodations; Trailer Parks and Campgrounds; Pools and Spas; Vacation/Tourist Homes

* License and inspect Food Service for Special events  

* Permit and inspect: Farmer Markets, Non-Profit Temporary Food Service and Non-Profit Bake Sales

* Coordinate and Teach Serv-Safe courses on food handling

* Permit and inspect installation of septic systems

* License Septic Site Evaluators and Septic Installers

* Administer Junk Vehicle Program

This information is provided by Sanders County as a courtesy and is for informational purposes only.


Food Information & Permits

Septic Information

Septic Permit Applications

Septic Design Drawings & Regulations

Junk Vehicle Program

7AM - 5PM
Monday - Friday

Shawn Sorenson
(406) 827-6909

Beth R. Rice-Groshong
Administrative Assistant
(406) 827-6961

DEQ Subdivision Section

Food and Consumer Safety 

 DEQ Junk Vehicle 

 Ebola Virus Information