Rural Addressing / GIS

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Lori Methgen GIS/IT Technician

The most important reason for having a county assigned address for your property is to make it easy for 9-1-1 emergency services to reach you and your family in case of need. Your county assigned address is part of a system of emergency services, atlas, maps, and computer data information that is utilized by all 9-1-1 emergency service units.

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The Rural Addressing Office assigns physical addresses in Sanders County. During that process we check to see if new development needs septic services and are out of the designated floodplain.  We pass the new physical address on to other county departments and government agencies. In addition we can provide verification of assigned E911 physical addresses in Sanders County.

The Rural Addressing Office also provides GIS services including mapping and updated GIS files. We can generate maps for a fee. Our office is also involved in road naming in the County and keeping an updated list of roads. Sanders County Rural Addressing assists the local Fire Districts and other Emergency Services with GIS services as requested.

Rural Address Application

1. Complete a 9-1-1 Rural Addressing Application and return it with $25.00 to the Rural Addressing office.

2. Once the application and fee are received, you will be issued a “proposed” address which you may use temporarily to acquire utilities, etc.

3. I will visit your property during routine field work and record the location of your driveway and new structure using GPS equipment.

4. That data will then be processed and you will receive an “Official Address Notification” in the mail.

Though I make every effort to issue an accurate “proposed” address, there is the possibility that it may change, so it is suggested that you not invest in signs, stationary, etc. until you receive official address notification.

The Emergency Service Atlas is available at the courthouse in Thompson Falls and The Printery in Plains, 826-3605, for $27.00.  You may download it here (this is a very large file):