Heron Bridge Update

August 22, 2016

Cabinet Gorge – Heron Bridge Project – Progress update for Summer 2016

Heron Bridge Project Update

Work on the Cabinet Gorge Bridge, also known as the Heron Bridge continues to progress.

Work crews encountered a very large obstruction believed to be either one or two boulders at an approximate depth of 60 feet below the water surface in the south upstream river pier.  The boulder(s) varied in thickness from 12 to 26 feet in this drilled shaft area.  The construction team is working together to devise a plan to work through this unexpected obstruction.  A re-design of the deep foundation is currently being worked on by the team.

Work continues to progress on the south downstream river pier.

The delay in the upstream drilled shaft area has pushed out the anticipated completion date of the project to the end of the 2017 construction season.